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Aroma Waxing Clinic has been featured in renowned publications such as Toronto Life, Now Magazine, Spa Inc., and B Magazine.Soft Wax There are a wide array of brands and types of wax out there, but all of them fall into two main categories: hard wax and soft wax.

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Formula is gentle enough for use in sensitive and delicate areas, and provides the most effective Brazilian waxing possible. Shop now.

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Specialist applies thick layers of blue hard wax to bikini-bottom zones, removing all unwanted hairs without harming sensitive skin.

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New hair will not grow back in the preciously wazed area for two to eight weeks.

The beauty industry is always changing and its products and methods are always in flux.

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Cirepil waxing products and salon partners offer a complete beauty treatment experience.General Information About Brazilian Waxing Types of wax I use: HARD WAX-Berodin Blue Hard wax allows for fast, efficient waxing with gentle results.The hard wax that I highly recommend is the Cirepil Blue Wax available on Amazon.

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Cirepil Blue Hard Wax can be used over the entire body but best for facial waxing, underarms, Brazilian, and bikini.

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Schwab, Illumino Eyelash Extension products, Hale and Hush, wholesale esthetic salon supplies and equipment.

Another favorite in the hard wax department is Cirepil Blue Hard Wax.Have your skin experience the sensuously soft results of this Satin Smooth Thin Film Hard Wax.These ingredients are combined into a hard wax that is as protective as it is beautiful.You want to allow at least 30 minutes, as it will take a while for the whole tub to melt.The two waxes we use are Azulene wax and Cirepil Blue hard wax.Developed by renowned skin care specialists, these superior quality waxes are highly enriched with individual formulas.Satin Smooth Titanium Blue Hard Wax is created especially for men, but offers same great results for women.

Bakersfield Brazilian Wax offers bikini waxing and other hair removal services in Bakersfield. Using only the highest quality European Blue Hard Wax.We find both are more gentle and cleaner to work with than other hair removal products.

Berodin Blue Hard wax allows for fast, efficient waxing with gentle results.In the traditional brazilian-style of waxing, these waxes can be used for full-body hair removal service.Blue Velvet deepens and darkens black, blue, and deep green paints.By using high quality pre- and post-wax products in addition to the best European blue hard wax, HoochiCoochi ensures an almost painless Brazilian wax.

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The color-coded, easy pour packages stand up on their own and are resealable.Cirepil Blue Wax This is a low temperature wax that is disposable and comes in a 14.11 ounce tin.

We use Azulene wax, which is good for most skin types, to remove hair from larger areas of the body.Soft wax is what you usually think of when you think of body waxing.Can measures 4" D x 2.625" L.Periodically check the temperature of the wax with a heat-proof thermometer.Getting a professional waxing can be extremely expensive overtime, so finding the best hair removal wax to do your own salon waxing at home can save you money and time.

We use Cirepil Blue hard wax for small areas and for those with sensitive skin.Sally Beauty offers GiGi Brazilian Body Hard Wax (14oz) specifically for a very thorough bikini waxing designed for coarse body hair.

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We carry Cirepil Wax, Lycon Wax, Sugar of the Nile, Skin Script, ItalWax, Doctor D.This technique is great for those considering a Brazilian Bikini was, especially first timers.

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