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You can construct a nice sized cat tree complete with scratching posts and spaces for the cats to hide in easily and inexpensively with PVC pipe, some plywood and some old carpet.

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If you have an indoor cat, then you need to check out these twelve totally amazing cat trees - one might be perfect for your house.

Owning a cat tree house usually means that you own a very active cat.Climbing is a second nature to cats after scratching, and we cannot expect our pets will just stop climb on home furniture and drapes, but we can provide them with a place to do that.PETA materials are not copyrighted and may be distributed freely.

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You can easily find one for the right price using the Zooplus discount code when shopping online at the store.

Come to Petco for the cat furniture items to help your feline feel right at home.

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Make it a big notch that goes more than halfway through the tree.

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All four are definitely staples any cat owner should be providing.Frisco Cat Trees are made for kitties to do everything they love to do.

Providing indoor cats with a cat tower can help to keep them healthy and happy.DIY cat tree alternative Instead of a cat tree, we decided that we were going to build cat shelves on our wall.This will assure a long-lasting cat tree for your cats to enjoy.

Following any set of cat tree plans will require you to have access to building materials.The assertive cat can claim the higher perch, while the timid cat can enjoy the tree at a lower level.Cats owners can find a modern cat tree or retro style furniture design, traditional models or contemporary cat towers to match existing room.Not only do cat trees give your kitten an appropriate place to climb, they also provide her with the exercise she needs and a.This list is the result of our extensive analysis of the different cat trees available.

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Made with cheap carpet in boring colors and designs, they are not caught up with modern cat owners.This was easy because I had my hubby cut me a second board so I could just remove the used one and replace it with a new upholstered one.

There are a few absolutely essential safety gear items you need to wear for any chain saw work, and especially when felling a tree.If the tree is mostly upright and the branches are sort of symmetrical it will want to fall that direction.There are several things to consider when designing your cat tree.

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Cat Tree Builder Pro has Built Cat Trees for Loyal Customers since 2005.Well Ebony had done a job to the cat scratch post and it was time to recover it.